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with Silli and Johnny

Episode 20 – Tesla Cybertruck and Red Bull

In this episode we go over the design and features of the new Tesla Cybertruck. Following that, Silli takes us on a deep dive into the marketing strategies of RedBull and Johnny explores some alternatives to Adobe Photoshop…

Episode 19 – YouTube Changes the Game – COPPA and FTA Impose Fines

In this Episode we break down the recent changes to the Terms and Conditions for YouTube Content Creators and how it may affect you as a creator and subscriber to the platform!

Episode 18 – You can’t automate humanity

In this episode we take a look at the two extremes in social media from the contrived linked In to the frivolity of Tik Tok. In our tech segment, we review the new DJI Mavic Mini!

Episode 17- Video Production, Social Media and getting Angry with the NBN

In this Episode we talk about Video Production strategies for social media. Whether its better to products short form or longer content and how to create a strategy for engagement. Silli gets Johnny started on the NBN and we also take a quick look at the failing Libra Crypto Currency by Facebook……

Episode 16 – Is Virgin losing its Virginity?

In this episode of the Now Podcast, we take a look at Virgin Australia’s marketing and social media activity….. Johnny talks about the update to Mac OSX Catalina and as always Silli gets angry, this time about sales people not using CRM software!

Episode 15 -AFL Marketing in 2019, IOS 13 and why we hate Click Bait

In this Episode, Silli takes a look at what’s behind the AFL Marketing strategy including memberships traditional and digital marketing. Johnny warns us about some new AI that is finding its way into Melbourne’s Speed Cameras and then shares his top features of iOS 13…….

Episode 14 – Porsche Taycan VS Tesla Model S and the New 2019 iPhone!

In this Episode we talk about the prospect of Facebook removing likes. We take a look at the new Porsche Taycan EV and compare it to the Tesla Model S. Johnny then wraps it up with a summary of the innovation only event held by Apple where the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro was…
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Episode 13 – Nike Brand Audit

Silli’s back from Mt Buller and shares his experience with his Sony and Go Pro gear. Johnny AKA the Apple Fan Boy, tells us why you should get an iMac and what we are likely to see in Apple’s up and coming iPhone release on September the 10th and if that’s not enough we also…
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Episode 12 – Business Start Up and How to get your first client

In this Episode we continue the conversation that we started a few weeks ago about what it takes to start up your business and get your first client. Silli then gets angry and goes on a rant and Johnny reveals his favourite feature of the new Samsung Note 10!