with Silli and Johnny

Episode 11 – So you wanna be an influencer?

So you wanna be an influencer? Sill and Johnny talk about what it takes to stand out amongst the crowd and how to discover your true purpose in the social media landscape. Johnny introduces a new breakthrough in the 3D printing space and Sill gets angry with telemarketers!

Episode 10 – Instagram Removes the Like Count

In this Episode we open up with a discussion about the removal of the like count on Instagram. Silli then moves on to the heart of the episode and explains the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Johnny sheds some light on Neural Link, a new technology designed to connect the human brain to…
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Episode 9 – What it takes to run your own business.

In this episode, Silli and Johnny talk about what it takes to start your own business. What kind of mindset is required, how to plan and market your business so that it has the best chance for success in this incredibly competitive landscape!

Episode 8 – Influencer Marketing

In this Episode, after a near death experience, Silli talks about influencer marketing and how businesses can use it to better promote their products and services on social media. Johnny reveals some new technology about to drop that will revolutionise the smart phone, a new player in the Crypto Currency Space along with some advancements…
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Episode 7 – Using Social Media to promote your business

In this Episode, Sill talks about Social Media content creation and how small business can use it to effectively market their business and Johnny cracks it with the new Cheese Grater Mac Pro!

Episode 6 – Video Production Tips and Techniques

In this episode we go deeper into the technical requirements of creating video, We also add a new segment to the show featuring the most current marketing and tech fails and in this week’s web leaks we reveal a new project by Spotify the global music streaming company.

Episode 5 – The Content Creators Edition

We’re calling this one the content creators edition. So it’s all about content creation, be it video production, audio, blogging and Silli and Johnny have lots of experience in these areas to share.

Episode 4 – Ecommerce for small business

In this episode Silli and Johnny lend their expertise in the area of e-commerce. Covering the technical side of selecting the best platform to suit your requirements, using social media, marketing and more……

Episode 3 – Silli buys a gaming PC and things Sales Reps are boring!

In this third episode, we talk about Silli’s new gaming PC purchase, why sales reps are boring, how sales managers can be better leaders, how and why you need to add alt text in your instagram posts and what you need to know before you switch over from iOS to Android.

Episode 2 – Apple introduces new subscription services

In this second episode of the Now podcast we take a look at the new subscription services announced by Apple and the cloud based Gaming platform, Google Stadia. We also discuss how to shoot business case study videos, explore business culture with Silli and finally Johnny highlights the key features of the new Huawei P3…
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